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Building Your Pre-Fab Home Package

Prefabricated home packages are panelized systems that are delivered to your site in pre-built sections. Nelson's automated factories provide you with precision panelized walls, roof, and floor components to expedite and simplify the building process of your new home.

RTM Self-Contained Homes

RTM Self-Contained homes are designed not be placed on a basement. They are the perfect solution for a cottage or secondary dwelling.

Family houses

These houses are affordable fully built in a controlled factory environment, delivered to the site and placed on a prepared base plate using screws (and other fasteners).

When we say made in Nelson, we are talking about a highly efficient method of construction. The houses we produce excel in their accuracy and sophistication. These houses are practically complete as soon as they leave the production plant, making their completion at the destination a breeze.

Nelson Energy Wall

Nelson Homes works every year to try and improve its home building practices. Nelson's research and development team's vital internal accomplishment includes the Nelson Energy Wall. Designed to reduce heat loss, save energy, increase r-value, and eliminate on-site costs, Nelson's Energy Wall significantly exceeds Energy Code requirements. Our factory assembled Nelson Energy Wall system applies a 1 ¾” rigid extruded polystyrene insulation that creates a thermal break (no cold studs) and includes an exterior sheathing that allows for easy siding installation.