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Original Canadian Wooden Buildings NELSON HOMES - Nelson Lumber Co.Ltd

The oldest and largest manufacturer of prefabricated wooden buildings in North America. The company has existed successfully since in 1949. Our production capacity is 500-700 larger houses per year.

Homes Costructions s.r.o. is the exclusive supplier of Nelson Homes for Europe and therefore also for the Czech Republic since 2018.

What is Platform-Frame?
The basis of this light building structure is a bar supporting house-frame, which is reinforced by a plate supporting frame (which stabilizes the bar frame). The bar skeleton carries the vertical (vertical) load, the structural boards, by which the skeleton is clad, carry the horizontal (horizontal) loads (effects of wind and other forces). Construction with a structural system of light skeletons is fast and a large part of the building material can be prefabricated in the production hall (the degree of prefabrication is chosen according to the specific building, its complexity and layout). The construction takes place in a dry way, so the house does not have to dry out and practices can be built all year round, without technological breaks.

NELSON HOMES builds for Export from first-class plywood and solid beams measuring 2 × 6. We do not use lower quality and durable OSB / chipboard. The houses are in finished sections and panels. Construction is fast, accurate and without waste. We deliver construction packages in containers to the construction site - usually within 60 days. Canadian certification and timber marking meets all EU certificates.

Nelson Lumber has been established 1949 and has produced more than 50,000 homes. Customer satisfaction is an absolute priority!